Therapy that Sticks

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy is a simple and effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In clinical studies, Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy demonstrated significant improvements across all levels of OSA severity.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy is a disposable, nightly-use nasal device placed just inside the nostrils and held securely in place with hypoallergenic adhesive.

Untreated OSA can also lead to decreased energy levels, lack of motivation and depression and can disrupt both your and your sleep partner’s ability to obtain restful sleep.

Find A Prescriber

Studies have shown that treating OSA can reduce associated health risks (like depression and heart disease). Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy has been proven to1:

  • Decrease Apneas (Breathing Pauses)
  • Work Across Mild, Moderate and Severe OSA
  • Be Well Tolerated by Patients

The Advantages of Provent Therapy

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy uses a proprietary MicroValve design that creates pressure when you exhale to keep your airway open. Provent is small and disposable, making it discreet and very convenient. If you’re looking for an alternative to CPAP, ask your doctor if Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy could help. Provent is:

  • Easy to Use
  • FDA Cleared
  • Clinically Proven
  • Effective for Mild, Moderate and Severe OSA
  • Portable and Ideal for Travel

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